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  • Subtitling according to standard UNE 153010/2012 for TV, DVD or another video format
  • Creating audio description scripts according to standard UNE 153020:2005

Universal accessibility to all audiovisual products is one of our priorities and we firmly believe in it. A product's success is measured by the number of users that have access to it and, if there are barriers to this access, not everyone may be familiar with it. If you have any type of content you would like to make accessible to those with an auditory disability, we can add adapted subtitles respecting the Spanish standard (UNE 153010/2012 Subtitling for the hard of hearing and deaf), whether it be content for TV, DVD or any other video format.

If you wish to make your product accessible to those with a visual disability, we can create an audio description script for your project keeping the most recent Spanish standard in mind (UNE 153020:2005 Audio description for the visually impaired. Requirements for audio description and creating audio guides).

Our specialists would be happy to provide guidance regarding the characteristics of your product and indicate the improvements that can be made to ensure it is accessible to as many potential customers as possible.