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  • General translation
  • Translation of literary texts
  • Translation of technical texts
  • Translation of legal texts
  • Sworn translation

Translation work goes beyond changing a word from one language to another. Many aspects besides the purely linguistic come into play in this exciting task such as cultural factors that intervened in creating the original message. In order to analyze and correctly interpret this message, we should be familiar with the language and culture which creates said language, but we must also have an extensive knowledge of the field in which the message takes place and be able to recognize specific professional jargon.

At Traducciones Bienza, we bet on our team of professionals' specialization. This way, we guarantee we offer our client a quality service which meets the highest expectations. Additionally, we count on a team of sworn translators and interpreters accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Co-operation (MAEC) who are able to take on projects that require this official endorsement.

We translate any project that forms a part of the field of literary, technical or legal texts; each of our translations undergoes a strict revision and quality control process in order to tailor our work to the specific needs of each client.